GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016

Munich. After Africa, South America and Canada, the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy goes to the continent of Asia in spring 2016 for the first time. Another new feature: an international all-female team will be lining up for the start in 2016. Anyone who would like take part in this unique adventure can sign up for the qualifying events now.

Major international success - GS Trophy continues to grow.
BMW Motorrad has organised the International GS Trophy every two years since 2008 - an adventure rallye in which BMW GS riders from numerous countries come together to engage in sporting competition with each other not just on a motorcycle but in a wide range of other disciplines, too. The event started with five teams in Tunisia in 2008 and has seen swift growth ever since. Ten teams participated in southern Africa in 2010. At the third competition in Chile and Argentina in 2012, 15 teams took to the track on their GS bikes, while in North America in 2014 there were as many as 16. The GS Trophy now expands further in 2016 in response to strong international demand: 18 national teams will represent their countries - and there'll be one special team in addition.

Calling all the GS girls - GS Trophy 2016 features all-female team for the first time.
One thing has definitely been missing from past events: female GS riders! In the past, only male participants qualified for the three-strong national teams but this time there is a unique opportunity for talented female off-road riders:
A special qualifying event is due to be held from September 9th - 16th 2015. From all applications worldwide, a jury will select ten women to be invited to South Africa. There, the jury will assess riding performance, skills and teamwork capacity. The best three out of the ten qualifying participants will then make up the international female team and battle it out for victory at the 2016
BMW Motorrad GS Trophy.
For details of the application process, see
The application deadline for the women's qualifying is June 26th 2015.


Fonte: BMW Press

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